Bad Credit history can sometimes limit your chance to get approval for a bad credit business loan through banks. Even if, you are able to provide complete documentation to support your repayment, you might not be able to acquire required funds through traditional means. Banks are highly concerned about their securities and are not likely to invest in businesses with high risks or having a bad credit history.



Credit checks are not required as we secure funds against your personally owned assets. Only proof of ownership and a certified valuation are required.


Once your loan offer is accepted and we have possession of your asset, we’ll transfer your funds – in most cases the entire process takes less than 24 hours.


While other lenders charge interest rates as inflated as 30% per month, we provide the assurance of a low rate between 5% and 10% per month.


Your valuables are safe with us and are fully insured, securely transported and stored from the moment they leave your possession.

bad credit business loans

Get a business loan with bad credit direct lenders

Vital Capital is Australia’s leading non-traditional lenders providing easy and quick access to funds required within minimum processing time and lower rate of interest. We fulfill businesses urgent funds requirements, considering your repayment options. You have bad credit history, we have no problem with that, we believe that you deserve a second chance. We are associated with private lenders, who provide bad credit business loans for cases with bad credit, we can help you get a business loan directly through private lenders.

bad credit business loans

Bad credit start up business loans guaranteed approval

When looking for a Start-up loan, most of the people reach out to banks for loans, but it banks do not provide loans to those that lack their loan criteria, particularly bad creditors. If you have a bad credit history then it is mandatory that you will face a denial from the banks. The Vital Capital with their strong network can assist you in getting fast approval for your bad credit business loans requirements.

Strategic Funding

Providing strategic funding solutions primarily in the private lending sector, Vital Capital is a diversified Australian financial services company.

Vital Capital is a provider and facilitator of Private First Mortgages, Private Second Mortgages, Competitive Low Rate Home Loans and Bad Credit Business Loans.


At Vital Capital our experienced team can provide tailored Bad Credit Business Loans solution to suit your needs. Our experienced team can guide you through the entire process and take the stress and worry out of organising your finance, leaving you more time to do what you do best.


We are able to settle most Bad Credit Business Loans in 2 weeks or less and our advances are asset based; the real property itself is the basis of the lending decision. Therefore, if a property is producing or can produce sufficient income to cover the interest charge and the loan can be fully secured by the value of the property and provide sufficient equity, then the borrower’s credit history is not an issue.


We provide and facilitate short and medium term Bad Credit Business Loans Financing,* secured by residential, Commercial, Industrial & Rural real estate. We provide these loans to be used for the purchase, refinance, construction, renovation and / or equity cash out of properties in all States and Territories of Australia.

Bad Credit Business Loans – Vital Capital strives to drive a better deal for you.

private mortgages

Rather than concentrating on the minute detail of the borrower’s credit history as institutional lenders do, we concentrate on the real estate securing the loan and your business cash flow. We provide the commercial real estate investor with the ability to borrow on underwriting criteria not available through institutional lenders. Just a simple application form is required and we can usually obtain a credit decision in 24 hours. Bad Credit Business Loans are what we do best.

We lend up to 75% of appraised value with no requirement for historical financials and no minimum equity contribution required on the part of the borrower. Our private mortgages loans are interest only, capitalised or paid monthly in advance and available with terms from 3 months to two years, normally with an option to renew. We advance 1st & 2nd mortgages, with interest rates from 9.25% per annum.

*Bad Credit Business Loans – The Financing decision is reached taking the value and condition of the security property together with the borrower’s ability to complete a construction or renovation project as the primary factors.  The proposed exit strategy is also important to us. These loans are appraised very quickly, credit decisions are normally made within days of application and settlement often occurs within one or two weeks. This flexibility results in a moderately high interest rate, which is typically from 9.25% per annum.