Since incorporating our company originated in excess of 1 billion dollars in funded loans secured by prime real estate Australia Wide. We provide innovative business finance products to borrowers and our main target is commercial bridging finance. Due to increased demand from our clients seeking this type of services and lack of funding from the main banks, we are not able to fund it by ourselves and from our resources; we are seeking assistance from our private sophisticated investors to become our private Lender. Our basic loan terms are 3-6 months only.

Our Business partners and sophisticated investors receive solid and attractive fixed returns for the term of the loan.

Currently in Australia lending money to Businesses, secured by Commercial Property Assets and/or Chattels, remains a wholly unregulated business, so potential Lenders do not need to worry about Credit Licenses, Accreditations or specific legal requirements to advance funds.

With the fall-out of the Credit Crisis still lingering and reduced liquidity due to a tightened Banking Sector, there has arguably never been a better time for investors to place funds into traditional style commercial mortgages, which have the ability, if managed properly from the outset, to provide Investors with excellent returns over both short and medium terms. Secured against real property assets via 1st and/or 2nd Registered Mortgages.

We can assist with the sourcing of quality deals and with the loan due diligence process, draw down requirements, day-to-day loan management and exit strategy.

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